This Is How We Stir It Up

Our mission is to provide an exhilarating experience where you focus on creating in a judgment free zone.  You actually learn techniques and tools that you take with you.


Let’s Stir It Up with Virtual Events

Here are a few things you will need to know prior to attending your event:

You Will Need Zoom!

In order to stream our virtual event, please go to and download the free software. We will be sending you a Zoom link prior to your event and you will use this link to access the event. The Artist will spend a few minutes getting you acclimated to the virtual software.

You Will Need Supplies!

You can provide your own or you can purchase a complete kit from our supply company.  This includes all your acrylic paints (white, black, phthalo blue, bright red, chrome yellow), canvas and brushes.

There are optional supplies you can consider to purchase or just to have on your own at home – an easel, table coverings, paper towels and paper plates, and of course water to clean your brushes. 

Use The Code StirUpThePaint for 10% off your supply order. 

Just our way of thanking you for Stirring It Up with us Virtually.

Order your painting supplies from our supplier here



“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, by all means paint and that voice will be silenced”

-Vincent Van Gogh





Canvas Painting

All materials are provided and we traditionally use a 12 x 16 canvas, but feel free to bring your own and Stir It Up. We offer events that utilize both the portrait size and landscape.


Date Night, Girl’s Night, Celebrations, Corporate Parties And More…


Create in a judgment free zone and feel free to follow along with the Master Artist or go rogue and create your own masterpiece.  Learn more about our Mission here.


Take a look at our newest experience

Palette Knife Painting

We combine brushes with a palette knife to create a unique vision all your own.  A palette knife can layer paint on thicker to provide richer color and a more textured, vibrant finish.  If you don’t know what a palette knife is, please refer to the center photo.


Palette Knife and Brush Combos Give You The Tools For Masterful Blending


Great for Team Building Events or just a great Date Night or Girl’s Night Out.  Stir It Up with Palette Knife Painting and give your Masterpiece that extra special touch it deserves.


Painting Activities


Painting on wood creates a totally different texture and feel than canvas. It’s fun to Stir It Up with wood boards and create another unique experience.

The wood paintings are great for the kitchen or as gifts.


Painting that’s in the bag!

Tote Bags

Arrive at the grocery store in style with your own hand painted tote bag that you painted at one of our tote events. Be the toast of the town as you run errands and get complimented for your creative style.

There’s nothing better than saying, “yes, I painted that”.


Passion for Painting


Paint your own Gnome to put in your garden or create a gift for that special someone. We have special Holiday themed events which are perfect for the gift giving season.

Painting Activities


Spice up a pair of wine glasses or flutes and amaze your friends at your next dinner party.


What our Customers Say

“It’s not just creating a painting. It’s an enlightening experience that is difficult to describe. I would say that I learned how to paint and at the same time how to reduce my anxiety and stay more present. I love the combination of life coaching elements with the painting instruction. Brilliant! Sets you apart from all of the other Paint and Sip Experiences. Bravo.”

– Michele Roberts –