About Us

It’s a journey to express yourself creatively, while our Master Artists guide you along the way.


About Us

We’re about to Stir It All Up so welcome to Stir Up The Paint!

         No Critiques, No Judgements, Just Pure Fun!



Here at Stir Up The Paint, we are doing something different. We are not the traditional Paint and Sip experience.

Our mission is to provide an exhilarating experience where you focus on creating in a judgment free zone. It’s important to be able to create in a supportive environment where you are not being critiqued or judged but embraced as you express your uniqueness and creativity.

It’s not about mimicking another painting but finding your own expression by learning techniques and brush strokes that you are taught at each event. You go on your own journey to express yourself creatively, while our Master Artists guide you along the way.

Each Artist is trained to enhance your experience by connecting with your energy as you follow the master painting or decide to deviate from it. You are encouraged to embrace your own color palette and express yourself creatively in the way that is most comfortable for you. We do walk you through a Master Painting, providing all the supplies, but encourage you to express yourself in your own unique way. We are all special, and not one project will look the same as the person sitting next to you.

That is the beauty of creating. We all express ourselves in a unique way, and we are all special. There is no one else in the world exactly like you. That is the beauty of being you.

Core Values

Each Master Artist is handpicked to uphold our core values:


Each Artist upholds our event standards while providing a healing and joyful experience


The Artist has special coaching and training. Finding humility and our humble place allows us to access a larger creative portal.


Each Artist is well educated in the arts and has attended a minimum 4 year program.


Our Artists are intuitive and have learned to understand creative expression and what it means emotionally on a canvas. Each of them have the ability to provide a bit of art therapy at each event, keeping it light, fun and joyful.


Each guest receives the same amount of attention. The Artist walks around the room and speaks with each guest as the Artist enhances everyone’s experience. At a Virtual Event, we leave our Zoom in Gallery View so we can interact with each guest and view their paintings and give thoughtful feedback.


Each event is a supportive place to embrace each other and encourage our creative expression. We keep it upbeat, light and encourage positivity.

So let’s Sip, Create and Stir It Up.

It’s a Judgement Free Zone

Come explore how we like to Stir it Up.