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Collaborative Canvas Events

Here at Stir Up The Paint we have come up with a concept we call Collaborative Canvas. It’s an exciting journey where your entire team comes together to create separate smaller paintings that make up one large painting. The large painting is divided up into sections depending on how many team members are participating.

Each team member handles a particular section of the painting and paints on their canvas. After the event is finished the canvases are brought together to form the larger painting. This is a great team building event and really stirs up the creative juices.

Corporate Events

At Stir Up the Paint, we can host private events for your team and they can range anywhere from small groups all the way up to hundreds.

We can provide you with venue selections, or you can come up with your own.

We can custom paint a canvas just for you or you can select a painting from our vast painting library.

Virtual Events

We bring the fun to you Virtually. You pick up the materials for your team, or we can drop ship them to you, and we do the rest. Two hours of interactive fun via our Corporate Zoom Link. We connect in Gallery View on Zoom, and interact with each attendee as we paint with you, connect and enjoy.

Haven’t seen your team members or friends in a while? Virtual Private Events create that interactive highway so you can connect and Stir It Up.

Private Events

Let’s Stir It Up with a private event in your own home. Bring your friends together and have your own personal Painting Party. Maybe it’s a special occasion, bachelorette party, or just a special night to celebrate. Have it at home or select your favorite venue and we bring the painting to you.

Select from our vast painting library or have a painting custom made just for your special night.

Kids Events

Tired of hiring clowns, blowing up balloons, or renting expensive inflatable castles, then let’s Stir It Up with your own private painting party for the kids. Great for Birthdays, or just gathering the friends together to create.

Would you like us to dress up as your child’s favorite character? Let’s talk about how we can customize this event just for you including the painting. Let us Stir It Up with an event that is just right for you.


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Let’s Stir It Up Your Way!


“All You Need To Paint Is A Few Tools, A Little Instruction, And A Vision In Your Mind”  -Bob Ross


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Cancellation Policy

Your deposit is not refundable but may be applied toward a future private party. No refunds are given if attendance is less than final headcount. In case of severe weather conditions, you may reschedule your private party to an open date.

Party Guest Requirements

Your deposit is required to hold the event date. Final headcount/tickets must be made/purchased 48 hours before the event. If headcount/tickets are less than the event minimum, you are required to pay the difference before event is held.

Collaborative Canvas